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Surplus Sale 2015

Fairfield Allotments Surplus Sale

Potato Day 2015

Potato Day 2015

Transition City Lancaster 

at the 

Friends Meeting House, Lancaster


January 31st 


11AM to 3PM  

There will be 19 varieties of seed potatoes on sale as well as apple trees, 

a swap stall for jams and chutneys, and many other stalls.  

There will also be a children's activity and a café 

with potato based soups and jacket potatoes with fillings and lots of cakes and drinks. 

AGM 2015


Annual General Meeting


The Fairfield Allotment Holders’ Association

will be held at The Borough, Dalton Square

 On Thursday 12th February 2015

At 7.30 pm 

All are welcome

All Officers and Members of the committee are willing to remaim in post unless other nominations are received before the AGM.

2012 Surplus Sale

2012 Allotment Surplus Sale

AGM 2012


Annual General Meeting


The Fairfield Allotment Holders’ Association

will be held at The Borough, Dalton Square

 On Thursday 23rd February 2012

At 7.30 pm 

All are welcome

All Officers and Members of the committee are willing to remaim in post unless other nominations are received before the AGM.

The AGM has been moved from the original date of 02nd February to allow the association and the council to finalise amendments to new rules and tenancy agreements. These will be circulated as soon as possible prior to the AGM.

Potato Day 2012


Jan 28th 2012

Café from 11.00

Potato sales and stalls  12  - 3pm



Many varieties of organic heritage seed potatoes to buy, also apple trees; delicious Potato Café, children’s activities, stalls, music and loads more . . free entry!



At the Friends Meeting House, Meeting House Lane, next to Lancaster train station

Online Garden Planning Tool

Click on the link above to have a look at some garden planning software. If you sign up the allotments get a small commission!

New Lease

The committee have now signed the new lease.

The first thing this means is that we will pay a peppercorn rent to the council for the land. This allows us to invest rental income on site improvements.

As part of the terms of the lease we will need to review our rules, constitution and individual tenancy agreements with each plot holder. We'll keep you up to date with these changes as they happen.

Global Bee Emergency?

Click on image to go to website

Follow this link to sign an article and e-petition calling for the ban of potentially harmful herbicides.

AGM Notice


Annual General Meeting


The Fairfield Allotment Holders’ Association

will be held at The Borough, Dalton Square

 On Tuesday 08th February 2011

At 7.30 pm

 All are welcome


Agenda & Papers are available from the secretary in advance by request or at the meeting

Further details will be published with the rent request.

Potato Day Lancaster 2011

Potato Day

Saturday January 29th

12  ‘till 3pm

Organic and heritage seed potatoes to buy, delicious Potato Café, children’s games, Lancashire apple trees and loads more . . . free entry!

 At the Friends Meeting House, Meeting House Lane, next to Lancaster train station


For more info see

Potato Day Skelmersdale



to be held at 


Woodley Park Centre, 

Woodley Park Road, 






Less than 5 mins from M58 

Ample FREE Parking 


10.00a.m.- 3.00p.m. 

BBC Radio Lancashire - live on site program 11am – 1pm with horticultural expert on hand to answer questions

West Lancashire Food Initiative - on hand giving away recipes, potato tasters and nutritional advice


Up to 100 varieties of potato tubers will be available for purchase.  You can buy them in any multiples e.g. one or a dozen or more. 



Why not get your children growing their own.  You’ll only need a plant pot,  some compost, and a bit of watering to harvest potatoes in your garden. 


Also available Seeds, Onion sets, Garlic and plants  




 For more information call 

Margaret on 07909660077 

or Steve on 07876442341 

Gardening for Resilience (A Transition Café)

Please see the following invitation from Transition City Lancaster

Tuesday, 9 November, Gregson Centre:  Alan Schofield -Gardening for Resilience (A Transition Café)

We will be meeting in the Gregson at 6.00 pm to order food and have a chat before the talk which will begin around 7.15 pm.

Free (donations invited)

The major challenge for the future as our climate changes and natural
resources begin to deplete is going to be how we produce good quality food in sufficient quantity locally. This talk will explore some of the options open to us as gardeners to produce at least some of our needs.

Alan Schofield is Chair of the Organic Growers Alliance and has been
producing organic vegetables in Pilling for nearly 30 years.

A Transition Café aims to create a social atmosphere to get together, have a drink and a meal, if you wish, and talk about a specific topic. Each Café kicks off with a short(ish) talk from a speaker. Then there will be chance to ask questions - of the speaker or other people. All welcome. We hope you’ll enjoy it!                   

Allotment Shopping Bag and Surplus Sale

By all accounts the surplus sale was a really profitable & enjoyable day making almost £500 for the allotments. 

If you missed out on buying one of our 'limited edition' Fairtrade Fairfield Allotment cotton shopping bags on the day then don't worry you can still buy them for only £3 a piece. How about giving some for Christmas...put a present inside...tie it up with garden twine...sustainable, resuable wrapping!

Click here, or on the image title to the left, to send us your details and how many you want. Alternatively they'll be an opportunity to buy some when you place your seed scheme order this year...coming up soon.

Surplus Sale!!! & Newsletter

The very belated (sorry John's fault!) Summer Newsletter 2010 can be downloaded by clicking here...

& don't forget the surplus sale this Saturday.

August Surplus Sale

A date for your diary!


On Saturday 28 August 2010, the Fairfield Allotments are having a sale of surplus garden produce. The sale would be between 11am and 2pm and, like last year, would take place just inside the allotment gates near the white farmhouse.

Nearer the time, there will be posters advertising the event but, in the meantime, please put the date in your diary.


To make the sale a success, donations of the following items would be particularly welcome:


·      Fruit and vegetables

·      Cut flowers

·      Herbs and other potted plants

·      Jams and chutneys (get making!)

·      Home-made cakes (to be sold whole, or in slices with cups of tea or coffee)

·      Home-made biscuits

·      A giant vegetable (for example, a marrow, pumpkin or cabbage) for a “Guess the Weight” competition

·      Folding tables

·      Gazebos

·      And, of course, your time.  We will need volunteers to pick, price and sell on the day.


Last year’s sale raised about £350, and we are hoping to do even better this year. The proceeds will build on the success of the Fairfield Allotments’ stall at the Fun Day on 3 July which raised a very useful £355 for allotment funds. 

Funday 2010

Fairfield Fun Day - 

Produce & Volunteers Needed!!

“Fairfield Fun Day” is on the 3rd of July. 

This is a great opportunity to help the allotment association raise funds. Last year we made a profit of around £300! This year we are aiming to do even better. 

There are all sorts of ways you can help:

  • Pot on spare seedlings or split bigger plants. Herbs sell very well but also flower cuttings, tomatoes, peppers etc. These can be given on the day or leave them in advance by the greenhouse of allotment 12b. 

  • Donate some spare produce from your allotment‐ rhubarb, new potatoes, soft fruit, sweet peas, cabbages, courgettes all sell well. If you aren't around on the morning of July 3rd, let me know your allotment number and we'll collect. If you are, please leave produce at one of the gates.

  • On the day itself we need help in the morning to collect produce and carry it over to the marquee We also need helpers to sell the produce‐ it can be a bit hectic, but is great fun. If you can spare an hour, let me know and I'll put you on the rota.

If you want to know more or want to help, please contact me on 12B  

Jean Laurie

Warning | Contaminated Manure


Broad Beans

If you've been looking at the website you'll know we've posted a couple of things about problems with weedkiller/ herbicide contaminated manure on allotments across the country. 

Unfortunately it seems that the problem has arrived at Fairfield

At least one manure delivery seems to be contaminated. We are in the process of contacting the supplier to make sure they stop offering manure to allotments and veg growers. (At the moment we do not think the free bagged stuff is the problem.)

The best advice we can find is available through the following links. If you believe either your manure is contaminated after testing, or your crops are showing symptoms, please let us know & take some photos please. (There is a simple way to test your manure outlined below). We won't be able to do any more than the websites we've mentioned say to do, but we will alert the NSALG, chemical company and government about how we've been affected.

Here are a few links about the problem:

RHS IPhone App

How many times have you been at the allotment and thought...

"if only there were a really informative app for my iPhone which would tell me all the basics I need to know about growing veg and fruit"

...well now there is!

Follow this link:

Please don't annoy the neighbours!

It seems spring is officially here and everyone is creeping out of hibernation to clear their plots for the season ahead.

For some this means bonfires.

If you are going to have a bonfire can you please be respectful of our neighbours and make sure the wind is blowing away from the houses.

I've already received one complaint from a  normally very tolerant neighbour and would not want this to escalate.

·      Keep fires small if possible and do not leave to burn unattended.

·      Make sure the wind in blowing away from houses.

·      Try not to light fires when people are likely to have washing out, or windows open.

·      If other people have fires lit, don't join in!

Here's a link to where we stand legally on bonfires. There's also advice on how to get rid of waste rather than burn it.